What We Do

Founded in the year 2011, EDGE Pro started its journey with a team of professionals from the retail and manufacturing background. The group has over two decades of experience in the field of retail for clothing and accessories with their in-house brand ‘EDGE’. Realizing its potential across the B2B sphere, EDGE Pro now provides its customers a credible and consistent B2B platform for their design as well as manufacturing requirements. Extending its range of services, EDGE Pro also offers specialized solutions for varied B2B requirements specific to creating branded merchandising and image wear. EDGE Pro caters to provide complete customized design and manufacturing solutions to corporates, institutions, the designer fraternity and many more. Right from understanding the need, the actual purpose and the budget of the client to coming up with various out of the box designing ideas, for production and delivery, EDGE pro performs with excellence and maintains perfection. In addition to this, the company also carries out prototyping services, so that the impact of various designs can be measured for the most effective outcome. Minute details are paid special attention to, so that the clients get exactly what they want.

  • Coolest Swag & Branded

    We manufacture and brand anything and everything you can dream of. We’re here to get you the hottest corporate swag, branded merchandise, apparel and executive gifts. From event giveaways for all your events to full-on custom launch promotional kits.

    Put an end to stale event giveaways, and let us provide you with some fresh ideas. Our Award Winning marketing team tailors your promotions for maximum impact, coming up with ideas and working with you to get you exactly what you want. We also specialize in branded high end electronics and retail items that typically can’t be branded; we can put your branding on any item out there!

  • Custom Off-Shore

    We specialize in creating and manufacturing completely custom branded swag, branded merchandise, branded promotional products, and apparel.

    We streamline the entire process, from concept and design to prototyping and manufacturing, to testing .And because it’s as important to us as it is to you, we regularly verify our partners’ business practices.

  • Product Design &

    Let our award winning design team create something amazing for you! We have the latest technologies to support all of your product design and development projects. We can make dreams come true! Fast!

  • Warehousing & Drop

    Our logistics are legendary. With warehouse facilities around NCR we can store your products and create custom packing and get your merchandise where it needs to be.

  • Fulfillment

    We handle all projects small or large with expert care and precision. Whether you need a custom made kit created and put together for an event,

    or have 10,000 people coming to a stadium and need goodie-bags filled with branded merchandise we’ve got you covered. When we’re designing and producing your promotional merchandise, we’re also thinking about how to put it all together, so the experience you and your customers have is simple: Everything in the right place, every time. Those 10,000 goodie-bags just got a lot less daunting!